Thursday, January 9, 2014

2 Years Ago Today

I can't believe it, our baby girl turns 2 years old today.

Two years ago today I didn't know if we were expecting a girl or boy but I was so ready to meet him or her! Two years ago today I was sent home from the hospital because "just because it's your due date doesn't mean you're going to give birth on this day" and returned hours later in active labor. Two years ago today our sweet, dark haired baby girl Abbey Florence Rose sped into this world and changed our world forever. I will never forget sitting on the hospital bed with our two girls and the feeling that my life was complete.

Since she was born, Abbey has changed a lot and amazed us in many ways. She looks so much like her daddy but is very much her own person in every way! She is feisty, passionate and knows what she wants and I hope she stays that way. Very few people in this world know what they want and will fight for it. I can't forget to mention that she's just about the best snuggeler in the whole world and such a Momma's girl so that makes me happy.

In the past year she has learned how to walk, got her first tooth (yes, she is a late teether!) been on 2 family vacations and even spent a few days and nights with just Daddy when I went to visit my sister. Her big sister has taught her so much including the alphabet, how to color, how much fun it is to play in the snow and even how to push Mom & Dad's buttons!

Here's to you, Abbey. You goofy, sweet, adorable little 2 year old! Happy Birthday, I love you so very much! XOXO

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in Review

The past year has been a busy one for our family so I thought I'd do a little summary just for fun!

At the beginning of the year I started a home business and ended up closing it at the end of the year. We traveled to Arizona for a vacation in March which was bittersweet because we found out my dad has heart problems while we were there. We celebrated our youngest sweet girl's 1st birthday in January and our oldest beauty's 5th birthday in July. We started our juicing/ cleani eating journey in May and have kept it up well and lost about 75lbs between Matt and I. Our family took a camping trip in August and survived tent camping even with a one year old! We watched our oldest daughter start kindergarten in September which made mommy cry and daddy proud. I traveled to see my sister in Victoria, B.C. in October which was a wonderful getaway for me. My dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer, had surgery and is now cancer free (yipee!)...I believe it brought our family closer together. We rang in the New Year as a family and had a super cool kid- friendly party. And last but most definitely not least- Matt and I encountered many up's and down's in our relationship as most everyone has and came through it even stronger than before.

All in all we had a wonderful year. There are many more positives than negatives and here are some pictures of all of these awesome adventures. I look forward to a terrific 2014 filled with more amazing moments!

Happy New Year everyone!