Friday, July 20, 2012

Routine is Our Thing

After 6 months of having a crazy, unpredictable sleeping schedule I have finally gotten Abbey into a routine and she seems to have taken to it better than expected!

I have to admit, I coddled her way more than I did Ceili, our oldest. I think it's because I know she is our last baby and I wanted to hold onto that so badly and as long as possible. Now I have realised that I have to let go, just a little bit and let her have her own space to grow and discover.

We now have a routine for both girls. Abbey starts her nap at noon and Ceili starts her's at 1pm and bedtime is around 9pm for both of them. Abbey started to be so crabby when we were trying to keep her up later, so one evening I just decided to put her in her crib and see what she did. Well, she cried for a few minutes then rolled onto her side and fell asleep! What a surprise to me! I expected the same fight as with our oldest where she would scream and kick as soon as she saw me leave the room.

Over the past 4 years I have come to understand that routine is our thing in our house. Without it, I think we would be in complete chaos. If my children skip a nap or get to bed too late, they are complete monsters and it makes our day so much more stressful. I have had so many people say to me in the past "Does she have to be in bed at that time?" or "can't she just skip a nap?". To that, I say we are in a routine that works for us, it keeps my kids happy and healthy and mommy and daddy aren't insane because we never spend any time on our own.

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