Saturday, October 5, 2013

Down a Peg

I went for my first work out at Curves last night and also had a weigh- in and measure. I went in there feeling so proud of myself for the weight I have lost, only to have them tell me that I need to lose another 75 lbs! According to their BMI and body fat % analysis I am still crazy overweight which frankly made me feel like crap. I did my work out and felt a little better afterwards.

They were also trying to push me to join their online program where they dictate what you eat every day for every meal including snacks. I wasn't impressed with that. How on earth are you going to live a normal life when you have to be told exactly what and when to eat? This is my issue with most weight loss companies. They're always looking to put you on their program and squeeze every last penny out of you. Then when you're out of money or on your own, you're in trouble because you're used to taking their supplements, following their diet plans or eating their meals. So, basically they're there to screw you over if you're not paying them.

I have seen so many people yo- yo diet and end up being heavier than they were at the beginning of their "diet" and having serious health issues like heart problems. I ask myself again and again why people do this to themselves. I guess the answer is, it's easy and they don't think of the long term. If someone has to tell you what and how much to eat, there's a problem!

Okay, that's the end of my rant. I will be going back to Curves, but don't think I will be joining because of their so called healthy eating plan!

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