Sunday, February 1, 2015

First 30 Days of Clean!

Our family fell of the clean eating wagon big time over the holidays! So we decided to start back at it on January 1st. We had become addicted to sugar once again and that was the biggest hurdle to overcome. I started an event on Facebook with other friends to keep myself accountable because I was worried I would give in too much. The rules were simple- no refined sugar, whote flour, preservatives or alcohol for one month with the exception of one treat per week.
The sugar cravings were the hardest to overcome at first, I admit that I did eat a little chocolate but the more I resisted, the easier it got. This is how I found out that sugar truly is an addiction! I was in such a habit of heading straight for a Starbucks or grabbing a chocolate bar every time I did groceries, but after a month of resisting I don't even think about that Starbucks or chocolate fix.
During Abbey's birthday weekend we ate pizza and cake all in ine day. It was the sickest Matt and I have felt in a long time. We suffered with horrible stomach cramps and flu like symptoms the next day. That sealed the deal for me and made me decide that, that garbage food was poisoning our bodies!
I also starting working out 4 times a week and that alone helped me feel amazing. My sciatica starting getting betteragain and my aches slowly went away.
I am proud to say I stuck to my "rules" for January and didn't even have a drop of alcohol (mostly because I didn't want to waste my weekly treat on it!). I lost almost 10 lbs and feel amazing. Now that we are back on the right track, I plan on keeping it that way for good!
Here I am after a month of clean eating with clear skin and happy guts!

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