Monday, October 15, 2012

All for My Girls

Today I finally did the thing I was dreading and went into my work and had a meeting with my boss about going back to work. For a few weeks now, I knew I had to go in and tell him what Matt and I had decided and I was even having nighmares about it!

I dropped Ceili off at preschool and headed over to work. I visited with everyone there for a bit then went in to talk to my boss. I told him that my family was #1 right now and I just can't imagine leaving my girls to go back to work at least at this point in their lives. When they are young, these are the most precious years. They are learning so much and I want to be there to see watch them grow and change. I was amazed that he was very understanding and said that if I ever decide that I want to return, he will be more than willing to re-hire me there.

I did enjoy working there very much, they are a great company and the office was so small that it was like a family too. Everyone worked well together and they were very supportive when I had to leave and go on bed rest and maternity leave. I don't think I have every worked for such a great company before. I definitely would consider going back to work there once the girls are both in school full-time.

So, I am now a stay-at-home Mommy and am proud to say that our girls are my full time job now. Being a Mommy is more work than any other job you will find, but it's so worth it and so rewarding!

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