Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cleanse #2 and Changes!

Matt and I just finished our second Juice Reboot Cleanse on the weekend. It seemed harder this time around but we did it! We changed it up and had vegan dinners instead of the juice because we were having a really hard time with the green juice. In fact, when I even think of kale juice I almost gag!

I only lost 4 lbs this time around, but of course Matt lost 8! He always loses faster than me, but that's okay. I am still happy because I'm now down 38 lbs in only 3 months! I have to say I'm really proud of myself and feeling great. I am down 2 jean sizes and 4 bra band sizes (of course I shrink there first! lol). I splurged and treated myself to 2 new pairs of jeans, some bras and a new swimsuit because my old one might have floated away if I went swimming in it! Better fitting clothes feel great! Matt had clothes stored away in a smaller size so he has a whole new wardrobe too. I didn't have that since I haven't been this small since around the time Matt and I met back 12 years ago. Here's a little comparison of last August and this August.

I took a photo of all of our fruit and veggies for the juice cleanse too. This time we only spent $75 on juice supplies and we went through it all. We were pretty happy that it cost less this time around! We got many items on sale at our local discount produce store so we were lucky.

I have had quite a few friends and family members finally notice I'm losing weight and asking how I'm doing it. Many are very interested in clean eating and juice cleanses and I think it's totally awesome! I'm so sick of seeing fad/shake/medication diets and my friends following them and falling off the wagon and gaining what they lost plus more back. If everyone would just eat real food we would all be a lot healthier!

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