Monday, August 12, 2013

Too Much!

Our clean eating is still going well. Got off track a little during camping, but got back on when we got home last week. Still have a couple of pounds to lose again since camping though.

Since we got home, we started seriously looking at buying a new house. We are hoping to buy an acreage. Looking is fun, but trying to get ready to sell is not. We have to pack up alot of our stuff and find a storage place to keep it for the time being. We're also no sure if we should even sell this late in the year because most people want to move in June or July, not September or October! We found a couple of acreages that interest us, but want to look at them again.

Looking for a house/selling has been stressful enough, then I got a call from my dad Thursday that changed everything. He went for a scan of his bladder because he was having some problems and they found cancer. On Thursday I was thinking "oh, no big deal, they'll do surgery and it will be gone." But yesterday it sank dad has CANCER. He had it before I was born, but he has been cancer free for years, I never really thought about it returning. Since yesterday I have been like a zombie, my head feels all foggy and I know I've been grouchy with Matt and the kids. He is scheduled for surgery next month so I am really hoping that they can get rid of the cancer, but my mom said there's a lot of it. I'm feeling absolutely numb and want to run away, but I know that won't help anything. At least I have a very supportive hubby who has been through cancer with his mom so he totally understands.

I'm going to run and hang out with Ceili in the yard for a bit and try not to think about anything!

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