Monday, March 5, 2012

Fantastic Book!

We went to the library yesterday, one of our favorite family activities. I usually browse around and pick a few books that I think Ceili will like.

I stumbled upon one that I really love, written by Brooke Shields of all people! It's called "Welcome to Your World, Baby" and it's a great one for little girls who have a new baby sister. I have had a difficult time finding a book that shows the light side of having a new baby for kids, not to mention one that is for girls. So many books show the negative side of a new baby; that they cry alot, can't play, etc. and though that is true, I think kids need to see that this new member of the family is wonderful and should be welcomed!

Ceili was so excited after we read the book saying "when Abbey is bigger, I'm going to show her how to do all of those things".

If you are interested in purchasing this awesome book, check it out on Amazon!

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