Friday, May 3, 2013

Juice Reboot- Day 1

I survived the first day! It started out great, loved the citrus juice with a bit of carrot for breakfast! I had a lemon tea along with it and headed off to take Ceili to school with my water in hand. I was feeling energetic and was in a great mood.

We take the bus and I usually end up walking a lot while she's in school to kill some time. I have used my pedometer a few times before and it's around 12,000 steps by the time the day is done. So I walked and shopped (and tried to avoid the food aisles!) and drank water. Then I realized that I needed to drink my coconut water, I had never tried it before so I was hoping for something delicious and coconut flavored. I popped the can open and tasted it and I have to say, it was awful!! It's like soapy water to me, but I gulped it down.

We got back home and it was lunch time, so I made the kids lunch and got my liquid lunch out of the fridge. It was the "Green Lemonade". This took a lot of holding my breath and gulping because it was like drinking water from an algae filled swamp. I drank it all and felt full. I texted Matt at work to see what he thought of it and he felt the same way about the coconut water and lunch!

We all had a good nap, I was completely exhausted! I was feeling groggy after my nap, so I started in on my afternoon snack of "Sporty Spice" juice. This wasn't as bad as lunch, but it wasn't fantastic either. I was still feeling tired and gross.

Matt came home from work and soon after I went to work making our dinner juice "Mean Green". I also made the girls some macaroni for dinner. I have to say even the water boiling smelled delicious to me! Our green juice was awful, much like our lunch. Matt couldn't even stand the smell of it! We drank it and rewarded ourselves with a slice of watermelon.

We went for a short walk and I just had some of my purple juice (citrus, carrot, blackberries and blueberries) with a banana because I am feeling so drained.

Over the course of the day, I realized that mindless eating has become a very bad habit of mine. I need to start eating mindfully and eating foods that my body needs, not processed things that are simply a craving and don't give me any energy.

Wish me luck tomorrow, I am hoping this gets easier!

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